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School Rules
BYOD- Bring your own Device GRADES 5-8 only

Bring Your Own Device Rules
1. Cell Phones are not acceptable devices for class use. Acceptable devices for school use are laptops and tablets.
2. Devices may be used ONLY in classrooms when directed by the teacher, for instructional purposes only.
3. Keep your hands to your own device.
4. Keep your device in your backpack when not in use.
5. Use only apps & websites approved by your teachers and the school.
6. No social media or texting during school hours.
7. Keep your device in your backpack when entering/leaving school.

BYOD Consequences:
1st Infraction: Surrender device with pickup, by a parent or guardian, at the end of the school day.
2nd Infraction: Surrender device for 5 days & Required parent conference (RPC) with the principal.  Possible suspension. Device will only be returned to parent at conference.
3rd Infraction: Surrender device indefinitely & RPC, suspension, loss of BYOD privileges.