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School Rules
Code of Respect

A Code of Respect is set in place to ensure the safety of students and staff and create an environment conducive to learning.

 General guidelines and expectations are as follows:

A. Be safe

Students should not throw objects at others, push others, or act in any other manner that may cause harm to another individual.

B. Be respectful

Students are to behave in a manner that enhances their and others opportunities to learn.

Students are to avoid using profanity or other inappropriate language.

Students are to behave in the cafeteria in a manner that allows others a pleasant atmosphere in which to eat.

C. Be responsible

Students are to follow the school’s student standard attire.

Students are to attend school regularly.

Cell phones should be in the ‘off’ position during the entire school day.

Failure to abide by the school’s Code of Respect will result in the student receiving a Citation.  Parents/guardians are expected to sign and return the Citation to the teacher or staff member issuing the behavior report. Citations generally require no further action. In most instances, a class discussion of acceptable and unacceptable behavior heads off the need for parental conference or further consequences. However, it is recognized that parents are the child's first and most important educators. Somerset Academy emphasizes the importance of the family in the child's development and seek to create a partnership with parents/guardians. Such a partnership is a two-way, interactive process. Consequently, the primary intent of sending a Citation to the parent/guardian is to keep the family informed of the child’s conduct at school and to enlist support and reinforcement of good behavior.

There are situations of a more dangerous and illegal nature that require immediate attention.  Certain violations may require a more severe consequence which includes but is not limited to:

Parent Conference
Development of Behavior Plan
Short-term Suspension
Permanent Suspension and Revocation of Enrollment
Law Enforcement Involvement