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Dear Parent or Guardian,

Our school’s Special Education program includes specially designed instruction in the regular education classroom and resource room as according to the IEP. Your child’s direct instructional services may be changed from the services they receive at CCSD due to different types of programming. Services are decided by the IEP team during the first month of school at an IEP revision meeting. The School also offers other related services including but not limited to Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy.


After you child has been accepted to the charter school, please email your child’s Special Education paperwork for review. All the paperwork is found in your child’s confidential folder at their school.

•  Consent for Placement •  Multidisciplinary Team Meeting Report (current) •  Speech and Occupational Therapy Annual Reports (if your child has related services) •  Eligibility Form •  Current Annual IEP and any Revisions to that IEP


Once the paperwork is reviewed, the school will notify the parent after review of your student’s IEP if there are any concerns and/or your child is coming from a more restrictive placement than is available at the school. A meeting will be set up with the administration and special education facilitator to discuss the special education service delivery model at the charter school.


Please send Special Education Paperwork for review upon your student’s acceptance to:

Dr. Nancy Fitzgerald